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Welcome to our gifts collection. We think these items would make wonderful gifts for new and experienced oil users a like.

Use the Sort by: Price, low to high or high to low to find gifts within your budget.

Not sure what to get, but know how much you want to spend? Try our Oil Life Gift Card option!

Gift Bundle Ideas

The Essential - Gift Bundle
   - The Essential Life
   - The Essential Basics
   - The Essential Quick Reference
   - The Essential Bookmark (10pk)
   - Oil Life Sticker Book

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Sampling Solution Bundle
   - Sampling Solution Cards
   - Favorites Oil Sharing Cards
   - 2 (15ct) 1/4 dram vials
   - Oil Life Sticker Book
*not included Custom Business Cards

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Diffuser Gift Set
   - Diffuser
   - Wooden Bottle Display (Holds 3-5)

Laundry Gift Set
   - Dryer Balls
   - 8oz Trigger Bottle

Kids Gift Set
 - Silicone Rollers (3pk)
   - Hand Sanitizer Bottles 
   - Emoji Sticker Sheet

Trendy Gift Set
   - Frosted Rollers w/ Silver Lids
   - Leather Diffuser Jewelry
   - Luxury Travel Case 

Travel Gift Set
   - Journey Diffuser
   - Clutch - Snap or Canvas
   - Water Bottle

Fitness Gift Set
   - Water Bottle
   - 3pk Roller Bottles
   - 2oz Spray Bottle

Rollerball Starter Kit
   - Hard Shell Rollerball Case (Holds 6)
   - Clear Rollers (6pk)
   - Oil Life Sticker Book
   - Emoji Sticker Sheet
   - Fractionated Coconut Oil

Perfume Gift Set
   - Vintage Perfume Mister
   - 1/4 dram vials (15 ct)
   - Witch Hazel 


Blend Gifting

get supplies to gift your favorite blends
- Rollerballs
   - Oil Life Sticker Book
   - Nutcracker Stickers (coming soon!)
   - Holiday Cap Stickers (coming soon!)

Oil Gifting
get supplies to gift your favorite oils
   - 1/4 dram vials (150 ct)
   - Oil Life Sticker Book
   - Holiday Cap Stickers (coming soon!)
   - Favorite Oil Sharing Cards



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