Essential Oil Jewelry

The use of oils should bring new life to your day no matter where the day takes you. With the use of diffuser jewelry, take all your favorite fragrances with you! These options are ideal for bringing all the calming scents you love with you throughout the day while still making a pretty fashion statement. Whether you want an invigorating scent to power through the day or a calming one to add some relaxation, this is a smart and stylish solution!

We offer a range of stylish choices for adding essential oil jewelry to your collection. Adding some doTERRA jewelry to your wardrobe gives you all the benefits of oils, such as relaxation, stress relief, chakra alignment, and pleasing perfume, in a design to fit your sense of style. When looking for a stylish diffuser necklace, we have a range of styles to choose from all with the power of releasing your favorite scents. Whether you prefer an elegant heart pendant, colorful tassel for a bohemian vibe, or beads and stones of your favorites like blue lapis, agate, and more, we have a style to rise to the occasion. When looking to add a diffuser bracelet, you will find styles such as colorful beads which release the oil by way of contact with your body heat, as well as delicate metal bangles with beautifully intricate pendants.

Regardless of which style or accessory type is right for your needs, this collection is sure to please while allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the world of fragrant, soothing oils. These choices emit your favorite scents at a comfortable, consistent degree to avoid being too faint or too overpowering for the best of balance. Best of all, these options are high quality and crafted with care to ensure a selection you will love wearing. Order today and add some fragrant, soothing appeal to your wardrobe!

If you have any questions while shopping this collection, please reach out. Our friendly staff is always happy to help our valued customers as they shop.

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