BOOK: Essential Yoga Practice

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Essential Yoga Practice:  Your Guide to the New Yoga Experience with Essential Oils 

Finally, a book that marries two ancient natural approaches to health: yoga & essential oils.  This book provides a solid foundation of both yoga & essential oils for those just starting out in either practice, but also provides important insights & instruction for experienced individuals.  For anyone seeking to experience synergistic wellness benefits by combining these two approaches, this book is a must.

Mona Flynn, MS, E-RYT 500, has drawn on her vast experience in the yoga, rehabilitation, and fitness industries to design six original sequences: Morning, Strengthening, Detox, Partner, Sleep Easy, & Restorative Practice.  Essential oils expert, Asti Atkinson, has layered in targeted use of pure, potent essential oils to heighten & enhance the experience.  The sequences are user-friendly, and you'll find yourself feeling more grounded & energized, less stressed & burdened, and ultimately more focused & self-aware.

Whether your journey of self-discovery is just beginning or you are a seasoned student or teacher, this guide will lead you toward new levels of personal growth & wellness by combining yoga & essential oils.  Yoga teachers & students can deepen their practice by exploring the benefits that pure essential oils can bring to the experience.

270 pages

BOOK: Essential Yoga Practice - Oil Life
BOOK: Essential Yoga Practice - Oil Life