*Pre-Order* - Essential Oil Sampling Pouch

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Essential Oil Sampling Pouches are the perfect solution for sending essential oil samples in the mail. You are going to love this new solution for essential oil sampling! They are so easy to prepare. Just fill, seal and they are ready to go.

Great care was taken in designing this pouch to ensure for optimal dispensing. When torn at the 'tear here' line the pipette like tip allows for easy and accurate dispensing. 

These pouches have a foil barrier with a PET liner. They are 100% effective and safe to use with essential oils. 

Quantity: 100     


Step 1: Hold pouch open (bottle is upside down). Add up to 25 drops of oil.

Step 2: Holding pouch by the bottle lid, seal using a hot hair straightener on high or at 400°F for 2-3 seconds. 

Step 3: Apply a sticker to the pouch. 

**Estimated ship date on this product is December 21st.**