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Meet Amanda Stowell: A Holistic Health and Essential Oil Advocate

Meet Amanda Stowell: A Holistic Health and Essential Oil Advocate

In the expansive realm of essential oils and holistic wellness, Amanda Stowell stands out as a passionate advocate and influencer. Her journey from a registered nurse to a full-time holistic health teacher online is not just inspiring but also a testament to the transformative power of essential oils in both personal and professional life. Today, Amanda shares her insights, offers invaluable advice for those embarking on their own essential oil journey, and highlights her favorite products.

Advice for Beginners

Amanda’s main piece of advice for newcomers to essential oils is not to hesitate in asking questions. The world of essential oils can be overwhelming at first, and proper guidance is crucial for safe and effective use. She encourages new users to leverage the knowledge of wellness advocates to fully understand and maximize the benefits of their essential oils.

Impact of Being an Influencer

Reflecting on her role as an influencer for Oil Life and dōTERRA, Amanda describes the experience as profoundly impactful. The opportunity to share the benefits of natural products and contribute to improving people's lives gives her immense satisfaction and joy. Her work as an influencer has allowed her to touch many lives, providing her with a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Drawn to Purity and Education

Amanda was initially attracted to dōTERRA for their commitment to purity, quality, and transparency—key factors for anyone serious about incorporating essential oils into their lifestyle. Her alignment with Oil Life was driven by her need for high-quality educational resources and practical oil accessories, which have been instrumental in her teaching and advocacy work.

Amanda's Top Picks from dōTERRA

Amanda’s favorites from dōTERRA are as practical as they are diverse, reflecting her holistic approach to wellness:

  1. Adaptiv Oil Blend: This is a cornerstone of Amanda’s daily routine, cherished for its soothing properties that help combat stress and anxiety. Perfect for anyone looking to find balance and adapt to stressful situations, Adaptiv is a blend designed to calm and uplift.
  2. On Guard Liquid Laundry Detergent: Amanda trusts this powerful, natural detergent to keep her family’s clothes clean and fresh. Infused with dōTERRA's proprietary On Guard protective blend, it offers an effective clean without harsh chemicals, making it safe and soothing for even sensitive skin.
  3. Essentials Skin Care Line: Amanda emphasizes the importance of using products that not only enhance appearance but also nurture skin health. The Essentials Skin Care line from dōTERRA, with its pure and natural ingredients, meets her high standards for quality and effectiveness.

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Amanda's Favorite Oil Life Products

  1. The Essential Life Book: An indispensable resource for both beginners and seasoned oil users, this book provides comprehensive information on the uses and benefits of essential oils. Amanda values it for its depth of information which supports her in guiding others on their oil journeys.
  2. Essential Oil Steel Massage Roller: This tool is a favorite for applying oils topically in a way that's relaxing and therapeutic. Amanda uses it to enhance the physical benefits of essential oils, providing a soothing massage that helps the oils absorb more effectively.
  3. Essential Emotions Book: Understanding the emotional aspects of essential oils is crucial, and this book is a key resource that Amanda recommends. It explores the emotional and psychological benefits of various oils, helping users achieve mental and emotional balance.

A Personal Touch: Fun Fact

In a delightful reveal, Amanda shares that she recently retired from her nursing career to pursue teaching holistic health full time online. This bold move underscores her commitment to promoting wellness and her belief in the power of natural health solutions.


Amanda Stowell’s journey and expertise offer both inspiration and a valuable guide for anyone interested in the world of essential oils. Her approach blends professional knowledge with a personal passion for holistic health, making her a trusted voice in the community. Through her recommendations and advice, Amanda continues to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the natural benefits of essential oils.

For those inspired by Amanda's story or looking to start their own journey with essential oils, visiting Oil Life’s Marketplace provides access to the resources and products that Amanda and many others trust. Join us to explore the holistic path and discover how essential oils can enrich your health and your life.

Stay connected with Amanda and follow her wellness journey on Instagram! Check her out at @cleanlivingnurse for daily updates, tips, and inspiration.