Essential Oil Steel Massage Roller

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Essential Oil Steel Massage Roller
Essential Oil Steel Massage Roller - Oil Life
Essential Oil Steel Massage Roller

Everybody needs the opportunity to take a step back from the hectic world and just relax. As much as we would all love to run down to a masseuse and get a lovely massage, not everyone always has the time. Oil Life wants to help bring the luxury of a therapeutic massage right to your home. The stainless steel technology is perfect for massaging out any tension, soothing sore muscles, rolling out painful areas, and reducing inflammation in the body.

This smooth-rolling and easy to use steel massage roller makes it almost too easy to feel relaxed in the comfort of your own home! Our ergonomically shaped steel massage roller is lightweight and easy to travel with to help target problem areas of muscle tension wherever you are.

Our steel massage roller is perfect for anyone! Whether you are marathon runner or an olympic mother, use the massage roller to keep your muscles loose and reduce stress and tension throughout the body. Use at room temperature or store steel massage roller in your freezer at home for cold therapy on problem areas.

Combine your therapeutic massage with the amazing qualities of essential oils. Use our Oil Life essential oil recommendation to improve your at-home massage experience!

Lavender - Use lavender essential oil to relax, fight off stress, and promote positive, calming thoughts.

Sandalwood - Use sandalwood essential oil as a grounding oil to ease your mind and enjoy being in the moment.

Frankincense - Use frankincense essential oil to inspire inner peace and connect your spiritual self.

Vetiver - Use vetiver essential oil for massaging out aches, promote circulation, and relax muscles.

Approx. Size: 3" x 3"