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This little tool is about to become your best friend! Have you ever struggled trying to fill up your vegetarian capsules? Maybe you’ve spilled so many times you’ve given up on veggie capsules all together! But don’t worry, because Oil Life has come up with a product that is going to solve all your problems. The Oil Life Veggie Capsule holder is designed to make the process of creating your own pill capsules hassle and mess free. Take your essential oils and supplements with the struggle with our veggie capsule holder!

This tool is incredibly easy to use. Just put one half of the pill capsule facing upwards into the perfectly sized hole and fill up your oils with ease. Our veggie cap holders are not only easy to use but also easy to clean. This product is a staple essential for any avid essential oil or supplement user. Get yours today and never worry about struggling to fill your vegetarian capsules again.

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