The Energy Almanac - 2020 Edition

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The Energy Almanac is an easy-to-use guide with astrological insights for the year ahead. This almanac has contributions from several metaphysical specialties including:

  • Planning according to the planetary movement
  • Using essential oils and gemstones to tap into supportive energies
  • Learning the numerology of each month and how it's impacting you
  • Creating a yoga workout in harmony with the energies at hand
  • Framed artistic reflection pages for information at your fingertips

Seeing into the future isn’t an exact science, but astrology does give us some insight into what might be coming into our personal and global experience. But how can you remember twelve months of information and track it?

Having this information in book form for easy reference creates a resource that you can go back to again and again. It also has pull-out art that acts as a reflection tool, adding that one-two punch you need for planning, remembering and strategizing for the new year.

Why We Love It: 

  1. Helps you plan out each month so that your goals are in line with planetary movement. 

  2. Guides you through using essential oils and gemstones for tapping into supportive energies. 

  3. Helps you create yoga workouts in harmony with the energies at hand.