Stay Well + Live Empowered Download

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Stay Well + Live Empowered Download - Oil Life
Stay Well + Live Empowered Download
Stay Well + Live Empowered Download
Looking for a more compliant way to teach about how to stay well with essential oils? Stay Well + Live Empowered is a powerful and NEW way for your teach the 3 main principles of wellness that support health:
  1. Strengthening the body with nutrition
  2. Detoxing your body and environment
  3. Supporting your body's natural healing mechanisms

Throughout each of these 3 principles are simple adn effective essential oil and supplementation ideas that will leave everyone feeling more eimpowered!  To bring if all together, there is a Daily Schedule on the back that helps all you share this with to understand how to create a lifestyle of wellness using their natural solutions.

Stay Well + Live Empowered offers a great way to customize your basic Intro to Essential oils class or one-on-one presentation, making it more relevant to theissues your netowrk are struggling with right now.  It works great paired with the Natural Solutions Class from Share Success or as a stand-alone piece.

Also, be sure to check out the companion class Shed Weight + Live Empowered.  Using the same 3 principles of wellness, Shed Weight + Live Empowered offers a simple, more comliant way to share the benefits of using essential oils.

Comes in a downloadable, printable PDF format

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