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Sample Cards — 3 pack
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These handout cards come pre-punched on an 8.5" x 11" cardstock. The back has space for you to add your contact information either by writing, adding a label or for your convenience run the entire sheet through your printer before tearing the cards apart. Each sheet includes 10 cards. Add a sample jar (not included) to complete the sample!  
The 3g & 5g Polypropylene Sample Jars will fit the pre-punched hole. Polypropylene is considered safe for use with essential oils
Soothing Blend Rub (1 Sheet of 10 Sample Cards) 
Protective Blend Toothpaste (1 Sheet of 10 Sample Cards) 
Essential Hair Care (1 Sheet of 10 Sample Cards) 
  • Essential Shampoo  
  • Essential Conditioner  
  • Essential Glaze  
  • Essential Serum 

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