#onthego Diffuser Blends

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Ready to fire up that car diffuser? Here are 10 of our favorite blends to get you going. You’ll get a recipe sheet, tips for #onthego diffusing, along with labels to use for mixing up batches of these great blends in advance. Your downloads include a sheet sized for 5ml bottles, a sheet for 15ml bottles AND individual labels so you are able to print exactly what you need in the size you need it.

**Our favorite label sheet is OL175 or OL713 from OnlineLabels.com. The full 8.5×11 sheet gives you the most flexibility in printing labels for different projects.

Oils used: Juniper Berry, Pettigrain, Marjoram, Siberian Fir, Black Pepper, Grapefruit, Douglas Fir, Tangerine, Kumquat, Grounding blend, Red Mandarin, Lime, Renewing blend, Bergamot, Clementine, Green Mandarin, Spearmint, Rosemary, Frankincense, Pink Pepper, Wintergreen