Every Oil - Essential Oil Cards

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Every Oil - Essential Oil Cards
Every Oil - Essential Oil Cards - Oil Life

Get informational essential oil cards for every dōTERRA essential oil!

Our essential oil cards include one card with details about safety and usage for each dōTERRA essential oil up to 2022.*

On each card, you will find:

  • Topical, internal and aromatic uses
  • Safety and precautions
  • What ailments the oil supports and aids
  • What occasional symptoms the oil helps reduce

The front side lists usage information and the back side lists the ailments that the oil supports and the occasional symptoms it may help reduce.

Here is an example pulled directly from the peppermint card.

  • Essential oil: Peppermint
  • Front side
    • Topical: Rub a few drops on bottom of feet, along spine, base of neck, abdomen or area of concern. Combine with wild orange for refreshing pick-me-up.
    • Safety: Dilute for young or sensitive skin.
    • Internal: Add a few drops to a gel capsule or water. Use for culinary dishes and desserts. Use a drop in mouth to freshen breath naturally.
    • Aromatic: Diffuse or apply to hands and inhale. Blends with most citrus oils like lavender, lemon and frankincense.
  • Back side
    • Supports and aids: Healthy body temperature, fresh breath, cardiovascular system, cartilage and joint health, clear breathing, digestion, natural insect repellent, nervous system, memory, menstrual health, mental clarity, uplifts mood, muscle health, oral health, respiratory system
    • Helps reduce occasional: Bloating and gas, head and neck tension, mild heartburn, mild heat exhaustion, hot flashes during menopause, mild muscle tension, nausea, upset stomach

You can use these cards as a reference for yourself or hand them out with essential oil samples.


Includes 107 cards in alphabetical order, 1 card for every oil* produced by dōTERRA. 

Check out our cards for All Blends and our 2022 New Oil Cards.

*Does not include specialty or seasonal oils.

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