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Business Networking Tips

 Effective Business Networking Tips [Ideas for Essential Oil Business]

Whether you are just starting or a few years deep, the matter of networking is a big part of any essential oil business. Proper networking is the key to building a successful business since it creates repeat clients and builds up your reputation. It is also an intimidating matter for a lot of people. Here are a few helpful Effective Business networking tips to help you master this aspect of running your business.

  1. Be yourself: When it comes to essential oil effective Business networking tips, the most important is to be yourself. Networking is worthless if you only present an image of yourself to others that are highly polished to the point of being fake. You should aim to be professional without coming off as cold. You want to show your personality and sense of humor when networking because people want to be around people they genuinely enjoy. Be yourself! Tell a joke! Use your personal experiences to your advantage! The key is to build a real connection with the people you are networking with so being yourself is the best method.

  2. Build relationships: It is one of the best Effective Business networking tips. Networking is about more than just introducing yourself to someone new and having a brief chat. Effective networking is about building long-term relationships. There are a few ways to build relationships. For starters, make sure you are listening when the other person is speaking. A lot of people are only listening as a way to respond rather than truly understanding the other person so make sure you are actively listening. Another key to building relationships is to understand that they should be beneficial to both parties. If one party is giving more than they receive in return, the relationship isn’t as likely to last for years.

  3. Smile: When looking for the easiest of all the business networking tips, you may have just found it! It has been proven time and time again that smiling is crucial in making a good first impression. A smile says you are engaged, warm, and open to meeting new people. Make sure you smile when you introduce yourself to someone new and when saying goodbye to help create the right connection.

  4. Meet in person: The digital age has certainly changed all aspects of modern life. It has become easier than ever to form connections online through the use of social media and email. While you want to use these tools to your advantage, truly effective networking occurs in person first and foremost. In-person networking allows for a more personal connection in a human way. Social media and email campaigns should be used after the fact to stay present in their mind.

  5. Provide free value: When building a business, a lot of people are afraid to give away any knowledge or insight that they could somehow monetize instead. On the flip side, a lot of customers are wary of throwing their money away on a product or service without some sort of incentive. This is where business owners have to make the first move to provide free value in the form of information, insight, or even pamphlets or product samples.

  6. Come prepared with questions: Effective networking should be engaging for both parties. In order to make this happen, it is always a good idea to bring some questions to the table. These questions can help you get to know the other person better. It can also help you to pinpoint where oils can help the person live their best life. What are their concerns? Do they have any big changes coming up in life such as expanding their family or a new career? Are they looking for ways to live a healthier life in a particular area or just in general? These types of questions will help you form a better relationship while pinpointing exactly what types of oils or oil blends may be beneficial to the individual.

  7. Follow up to maintain the relationship: When you network, the goal is to create a lasting relationship. The key to this is to continually check in and maintain the relationship. This can be something as simple as a friendly email or phone call. Check-in every few weeks or once a month to find out how things are going in their oil journey. The bottom line is that you need to check in to keep your network strong and viable.

  8. Cut ties as needed: If you are constantly putting in the work of networking only to be met with disinterest or silence, then it is time to walk away. The sad truth is that not every relationship is sustainable or beneficial. It’s best to cut your losses so you can move onto a better connection with another client.

  9. Have fun: Networking can be a lot of fun! While it may be intimidating at first, the more you do it the easier it gets. Once you build up the relationship, networking will feel more like catching up with an old friend rather than actual work. Besides, you get to share your passion for oils with others and that’s always fun!

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