Essential Oil Roller Bottles

Aren't essential oils amazing? One of our favorite aspects is their ability to help aid common, everyday ailments naturally as a wonderful alternative to over-the-counter solutions. They can help us with pain relief, treating cuts, wounds, promote relaxation, stress relief, better sleep, healthier digestion, and so much more.

As a regular oil user, you know just how powerful they can be, and if you are sharing the power with others through your own company, you need the right products. The world of essential oils is perfect for both mixing DIY and combining the right oils that work for you—but where do you put them all? And how do you keep what you need at hand? With beautiful, unique roller bottles of course!

Whether new to the world of essential oils or an expert, storage is one of the fundamental aspects to ensure maximum results. Luckily for you, we've carefully selected some of the most beautiful sets of essential oil roller bottles for our customers that will allow you to DIY combine to your heart—and body's—content.

These specially selected sets range broadly to cater to any of our customer's sense of style. From simplistic clean minimalism with pastel touches to cobalt blue to glitzy sparkled ombre. For the color lover, our premier showstopper rainbow roller bottles will dazzle as well as delight with every use. When it comes to a touch of sumptuous luxury that is a joy to look upon no matter where you go—our lux collection shines bright.

If you love Hollywood glam or simply a completely timeless style, look no further than our magnificent marble, gold-plated and frosted metallics in gold, silver and copper. And if you find yourself needing some extra slip protection then you are going to adore our flawless pastel roller bottles with silicone sleeves. For our nature fans, we've got stunning wood grains in painted and authentic bamboo. We didn't stop there either, as you'll find you can choose stainless steel roll balls or if you prefer roll balls of smooth glass.

We at OIL LIFE are so proud to offer this marvelous gathering of essential oil roller bottles. Helping you to always have your oils exactly where you need them.

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