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Welcome to the home of The Essential Life, your favorite essential oil reference guide! Here at OIL LIFE, we understand how important getting your friends and family to join you on this journey is, and we want to provide you as much material and knowledge as possible for you to succeed at this new business venture. These oil essentials will make life easier for you and your new customers and potential business partners, especially when they are just getting started.

The well-loved oil bible now comes in multiple abridgments and languages. As well, we have created workshop kits inspired by The Essential Life to help you teach others to navigate this wonderful essential oil reference guide. We know that you are likely very well-versed in your essential oils at this point, but there can still be many that are a little bit skeptical or unsure about how to use essential oils in their lives, other than in a diffuser. Luckily, with these oil essentials, they'll be able to quickly see the different areas essential oils can be used, and just how important they are to health. These tools will also make it much easier for you to be able to build and grow your business, as well as your wealth of knowledge on essential oils and the doTERRA brand and products in general.

Our collection makes everything from growing an international team to knowing what blends you have on-hand easier than ever. The sticker book will help you to organize your collection, as well as ensure that you are giving your customers the right blends and samples for them to try. For those days when you are trying to build your knowledge and grow with the company, check out the Essential Basics. It's perfect for traveling around to workshops and learning more about the product if you are shorter on time. It's also a great starting point to ease your customers and new team members into the brand and products.

The Essential Life Collection At-A-Glance

  • The Essential Life, 8th edition - updated 2022 with the latest dōTERRA essential oils and includes the blend names.
  • The Essential Basics - about 3/4 the size in both size and pages, this compact version is spiral bound making it practical for travel and workshops.
  • The Essential Quick-Reference - the entire quick reference section straight out of The Essential Life, but more with pages of education on essential oil safety and storage. This booklet is perfect for giving out to pique interest or provide support with samples.
  • Essential Oils Made Simple - An easy to read, practical guide to natural solutions and protocols. Combines natural solutions and lifestyle recommendations to address your most common health concerns.
  • Oil Life Sticker Book - similar to the bookmark, these stickers have a special place on each blend page of The Essential Life & The Essential Basics to help change a generic book into a brand-specific reference guide. But, it doesn't stop there, with enough stickers to serve as cap labels, as well as blend and sample identifiers to organize your collection in style.
  • Essential Living Workshop Kits - these DIY essential oil kits bring the recipes from The Essential Life to the forefront while giving you an effective tool to teach others to navigate the depth of knowledge found within.

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