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What Are Essential Oils Used For?

What Are Essential Oils Used For?
Essential oils are used for a multitude of reasons whether it's for some much-needed grounding or to help with your ailments. Ailments are illnesses like the flu or anxiety. Essential Oils Uses also include easing symptoms caused by ailments, like helping you relieve nasal congestion when you have the flu. 

What Are Essential Oils?

What Are Essential Oils [Lavender]
"Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants" that capture a plant's scent or flavor (West, 2019). Basically, essential oils are a high concentration of a plant or an herb's "essence" that you can use for physical and even emotional healing.

Most Common Essential Oils

Most Common Essential Oils [Peppermint]
  • Lavender — Eases stress and helps you fall asleep faster
  • Peppermint — Helps clear your airways and cool you down
  • Lemon — Great for cleaning and smells refreshing

These are just a few of the most common essential oils. There are tons of essential oils out there that can help you with many different ailments or everyday problems. 

Examples of Essential Oils Uses for Ailments

How to Use Essential Oils [Internally]

  • Ginger — Add 1 drop of Ginger to 8 ounces of water and drink it or add 2-3 drops to an essential oil diffuser to help ease nausea
  • Tea Tree — Apply 1-2 drops to the affected area to help disinfect cuts and wounds
  • Sandalwood — Add 2-3 drops to an essential oil diffuser or apply 2-3 drops to your wrists and behind your ears to help you relax

Want to Learn More About Essential Oils?

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What Are Essential Oils Used For?


West, H. (2019, September 30). What Are Essential Oils, and Do They Work?