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Introducing Oil Life's Newest Gem: PowerFOL Collagen Hair Treatment

Introducing Oil Life's Newest Gem: PowerFOL Collagen Hair Treatment

In today's world, with a growing focus on sustainability and wellness, the Oil Life community serves as a leader for those looking for personal care that aligns with ethical stewardship. This ethos drives our enthusiasm to introduce a new hair care innovation: PowerFOL. PowerFOL is more than a product; it represents the integration of beauty solutions with our dedication to natural health and ethical practices.


Unveiling PowerFOL: A Beacon of Ethical Hair Care

powerFOL distinguishes itself in the hair care landscape by leveraging the power of vegan collagen, a key ingredient that sets a new standard for clean and conscious beauty. Free from harsh chemicals, powerFOL’s formulation is a beacon for achieving superior hair health without compromising on ethical values.


"I have very fine hair that is frazzled from blow drying... powerFOL has NO greasy feel. It immediately made my hair smooth and shiny..." - Tanya


Celebrating the Launch of PowerFOL

In honor of powerFOL’s introduction, we're thrilled to present a special promotion: enjoy a 40% discount on your first subscription order, plus a free applicator, embracing powerFOL’s journey towards sustainable beauty.


The Heart of PowerFOL: Vegan Collagen

Benefits of powerFOL Collagen by bevanni

Central to powerFOL's revolutionary formula is vegan collagen, an ethically sourced ingredient produced through microbial fermentation. This innovative approach offers a cruelty-free alternative to animal-derived collagen, embodying our commitment to sustainability and animal welfare. Vegan collagen’s introduction into hair care is groundbreaking, providing essential amino acids that strengthen hair fibers, enhance volume, and support scalp health. 


"Oil Life hit it big with this product... My hair is getting stronger, thicker, and has reduced the gray tones..." - Erin.


Amplifying Hair Health with Vegan Collagen and Essential Oils

Integrating powerFOL with therapeutic essential oils like Rosemary, Lavender, and Tea Tree oil leverages the combined benefits of vegan collagen and nature’s healing properties. This synergy fosters not just hair growth and vitality but also envelops your care routine in an aromatic bliss. 


"Started using this product because... my hair started to get more and more fine... My hair feels and looks thicker and just feels 'younger'" - Victoria


Vegan Collagen: A Sustainable and Ethical Choice

The sustainability of vegan collagen production marks a significant step forward in reducing environmental impact. Unlike traditional collagen sources, microbial fermentation requires less water, land, and energy, aligning with our mission towards environmental responsibility. This process ensures that powerFOL not only supports the health of your hair but also contributes to a healthier planet.


Revolutionizing Your Routine with PowerFOL

Adopting powerFOL signifies a move towards ethical beauty innovations, with vegan collagen at its core, ensuring every use contributes to both superior hair care and the wellbeing of our planet. 

"As an older woman... This product is easy and quick to use... My scalp has not evidenced any signs of white flaking, and my hair is not requiring daily washings." - Nja.



Embrace the PowerFOL Revolution

Are you ready to redefine your hair care with powerFOL? This invitation to explore the multifaceted benefits of vegan collagen, enhanced by the potency of essential oils, marks the beginning of a transformative hair care journey grounded in our core values of sustainability, wellness, and ethical integrity.

The launch of powerFOL represents more than the arrival of a new product; it heralds a shift towards a future where beauty and ethical practices are inextricably linked. By choosing powerFOL, you’re not just nurturing your hair—you’re embracing a product that mirrors your deepest values of health, sustainability, and compassion. We look forward to witnessing the transformative impact of powerFOL on your hair, as we continue to explore and offer solutions that respect our planet and its inhabitants. Thank you for joining us on this remarkable journey, where together, we’re shaping the future of beauty.