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Diffuser Blend for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Diffuser Blend for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Have you ever experienced the winter blues? It’s a time when you feel low energy. Loneliness and mental pressure can overcome your thoughts and winter can make chronic illness symptoms worse as compared to summer. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) can impact your energy and activities. Essential oils can be a helpful tool when this happens and you start to feel low. To help ease your symptoms, diffuse this uplifting essential oil blend.

Diffuser Blend For Sever Seasonal Affective Disorder

Fortunately, there are many helpful tools for coping with symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. This diffuser blend is one of those essential oil solutions for helping you cope with seasonal affective disorder. Here are the essential oils included in this blend:

  • Wild Orange oil
  • Lime oil
  • Lemon Oil

Wild Orange Oil

This uplifting essential oil has both energizing and antidepressant properties. These particular properties help diminish symptoms of seasonal affective disorder by elevating your mood. 

Lime oil

The inhalation of Lime oil can help reduce your stress by creating a calming effect on your senses. Lime oil has uplifting properties, which is why it can be used to help ease feelings of sadness. 

Lemon oil

Citrus fruits are known for having a great impact on seasonal affective disorder. Lemon oil, especially when mixed with Wild Orange oil, has an invigorating and refreshing aroma that can help lessen your feelings of sadness. 

The diffuser blend can also help you to revive your energy and seasonal affective disorder cannot impact your personality and physical traits. 

Remember, essential oils are simply a helpful tool when dealing with seasonal affective disorder (SAD). If you are experiencing symptoms of SAD, we recommend speaking with your physician about your symptoms to find a treatment plan that works for you.

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