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How to Start Using Essential Oils

How to Start Using Essential Oils

Are you interested in learning more about essential oils and holistic health? Holistic health encourages you to consider all aspects of health including your physical, mental and emotional health. For many, essential oils are a common form of holistic medicine and can help you achieve a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle. In this article, we'll cover why people use essential oils and how to start using essential oils to achieve a healthier mind and body.

Consider Why You Want to Use Essential Oils

How to Start Using Essential Oils

First, ask yourself why you want to use essential oils. Are you looking for a natural remedy to an ailment, such as anxiety or insomnia? If so, essential oils are a great place to start.

Essential oils can be used to help relieve unwanted symptoms caused by an ailment, an illness that is generally minor. One example of using essential oils to help relieve ailment symptoms is using peppermint essential oil behind your ears to help relieve congestion caused by allergies, an ailment. People all over the world use essential oils to help relieve discomfort caused by hundreds of different ailments and you can learn how by picking up an essential oil guide. 

Find an Essential Oil Guide

The Essential Life Book 7th Edition

Once you determine why you would like to start using essential oils, you can start looking for an oil guide that meets your needs and will teach you how to use essential oils safely.

The purpose of an essential oil guide is to make it easy for your to look up ailments and find essential oil solutions. Most oil guides also offer detailed information about particular essential oils and blends. One great option is The Essential Life that includes detailed information about all single and blend oils sold by dōTERRA, as well as an index of ailments with essential oil recommendations. 

Learn How to Use Your Essential Oil Guide

Essential Oil Guide

Learn how to use your oil guide by looking up your ailments and finding the best essential oil recommendations for each one. Generally, the introduction covers what essential oils are and how they can be used safely. This should help answer your basic questions about essential oils. For more detailed information, look up specific essential oils and blends recommended for your ailments and read more about them.

Not sure where to look for an oil guide? We suggest looking at The Essential Life or the Essential Oils Made Simple book. The Essential Life includes detailed scientific information about single and blends essential oils, while the Essential Oils Made Simple book includes over 400 essential oil protocols.

An essential oil protocol is a set of step-by-step instructions that tell you what essential oils to apply, where to apply them and in what order to help relieve your ailment symptoms. For example, if you look up headache in the Essential Oils Made Simple, it will suggest that you add 10 drops each of Lavender, Peppermint and Wintergreen to a 10 ml roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil.

Then, it suggests applying this roller blend to your temples and the back of your neck. Following this suggestion, it recommends taking one turmeric capsule twice a day to help combat frequent headaches. 

Get started on your journey to better health today and find your own essential oil guide here

How to Start Using Essential Oils