Vinyl Label Collection

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Decorate your favorite roller bottle with this beautifully seamless vinyl. Comes in Black, White and Gold. These labels are perfect for you, check them out now!

*Glass not included

Oil Life’s vinyl bottle labels are perfect for naming your favorite blends. With 5 different label collections, there will be a stickers for all of your oiling needs.These essential oil bottle labels are great to give to friends, family, or use on your own oil bottles. Our word stickers come in black, white, and gold, great for any of your clear or colored glass. The beautiful cursive font is adorable in pictures and turns your oil bottle into a discussion piece or business opportunity with friends and family.

Oil Life’s vinyl bottle labels peel off the sticker page easily and can be placed on any of your blends. These essential oil stickers are waterproof and oil proof, so you won’t have to worry when cleaning up drips or washing your bottles. Pick from our 5 different essential oil label collections, Everyday Essentials, Mood, Kiddo, Cleaning, and Bath & Body to fit the oils that you use most.

If you have your own oil business, use these vinyl bottle labels as gifts for your downline to use. Take the vinyl bottle stickers to a class and share with your friends as you work together to make blends as a team. Whether you use them as a gift or keep them for yourself, our vinyl stickers are the perfect bottle labels for your essential oil bottles.

Vinyl Label Collection - Oil Life
Vinyl Label Collection - Oil Life