Time Warp Facial Serum for Mature Skin by Soaplicity

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Time Warp Facial Serum is the perfect companion to our Euphoria Facial Soap and is designed to be used on the "off" days and nights when you are not exfoliating with our Time Warp Facial Scrub.

Made with the same restorative blend (with a few tweaks) as our Time Warp Facial Scrub, our Time Warp Facial Serum penetrates deeply to address the common issues of maturing skin.  Our customers even report that it helps to keep their makeup on longer during the day - bonus!  All women will enjoy the balancing and moisturizing effects and the mild, floral smell.  Customers have even found that they love mixing it with our Eye Expresso Eye Cream for added firming power.

Size:  1 oz.

To Use:  Shake bottle before use.  Apply as a moisturizer to cleaned face both morning and night. Safe to use around eyes and on neck.  Blot excess with a dry wash cloth.