The Prosper Code Booklet

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Do you want to create a successful, at-home business with doTERRA? The Prosper Code booklet is your guide to improving the quality of your business and is the perfect map for navigating through doTERRA’s Empowered Success System. Learn how to be a powerful leader, ideal team member, and accomplish your purpose and mission for serving your team and inspiring others to be successful. The Prosper Code booklet is broken down into sections giving you crucial knowledge on sit-downs and events, enrollments, placements, duplication in your business, and building towards the road to success.

This booklet breaks down the tools needed to create a successful business and makes it incredibly easy for you! With this booklet, you can build your at-home essential oil business with doTERRA and learn how to be an inspiring teaching and leader for others. The “Code” breaks down the key to success and makes it simple by explaining how enrollments x placements x duplication = success. Set your goals, put in your hours, and follow the helpful guidelines that The Prosper Code booklet outlines for you. By following this process, you’ll be prepared to go out and create a prosperous business with doTERRA. Crack the Prosper Code today!