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CD: The Circle of Healing

CD: The Circle of Healing
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The Circle of Healing: Enlightened Self-Care with Essential Oils by Dr. Susan Lawton. Author and practitioner, Dr. Susan Lawton, provides many practical insights into the healing of the mind, body and spirit through the use of therapeutic grade essential oils. Dr. Lawton will share simple recipes and protocols for treating common ailments/conditions such as colds, flu, wounds, carbo-overloading, insomnia/nightmares and hearing maladies. She shares ideas on how to have a healthy heart and provides helpful oil applications to aid recovery from heart-related illnesses. In addition to the explaining the wonderful uses of lavender essential oil, Dr. Lawton addresses the physical and emotional needs of cancer patients and explains how to recover from the ill effects of chemotherapy. A mini-instruction book supplements the two 80-minute CDs.



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