Sprout Diffuser

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The Sprout Diffuser uses water-less diffusing for a potent essential oil release. Plus!, being USB powered allows you to plug it in anywhere.

Okay, that’s all great, but, seriously, isn’t it cute! The diffusing mist is emitted through the tiny sprout atop the diffuser body.

The Sprout Diffuser includes a wick that goes straight into a 5ml essential oil bottle (not included). Use your pre-filled straight from your oil distributor bottle or purchase an empty 5ml essential oil bottle to fill up as you see fit. Since there is no water dilution with the diffuser atomizing the pure oils, it releases a potent essential oil aroma.

As a water-less diffuser the Sprout is great for places and situations where you don’t want to worry about water messes or being without water to refill it. This small diffuser will cover between 10-20 square meters, and runs in 10 minute increments. 10 minutes of run time, 10 minutes off over the 4 hours, when it will automatically shut off. Perfect for all those small spaces; your car, workspace, bathroom or small bedroom.

A seriously cute, seriously compact diffuser as an inexpensive aromatherapy option to use anywhere at anytime!

Sprout Diffuser Specs:

  • Water-less diffuser
  • Uses wick in 5ml essential oil bottle (bottle NOT included)
  • Small and portable
  • USB powered
  • Covers 10-20 square meters
  • Automatically shuts off after 4 hours
 Product Size:  6.8*6.8*12.6cm
 Net Weight:  0.2kg
 Cover area:  10-20 square meters
 Noise Level:  <35 dB(A)
 Technology:  Ultrasonic
 Voltage Input:   5V
 Color:   White 
 Materials:   ABS+PP+MQ


Sprout Diffuser
Sprout Diffuser - Oil Life
Sprout Diffuser - Oil Life
Sprout Diffuser - Oil Life
Sprout Diffuser
Sprout Diffuser

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