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ScentCell for the Whispi personal diffuser
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Keep each oil in its own ScentCell and swap out in your whispi for whatever mood you are in. Each ScentCell comes in its own case that can be labeled. Take a few with you wherever you go!

Smells like Congrats are in Order

Indeed, they are. You've just purchased the worldメs first all natural, portable, personal dry-air scenter.

Translation: you just put an endless array of aromatherapy scents--including the myriad of functional benefits those scents offer--in the palm of your very own hand. Thanks to Whispi, you now hold the power to improve your focus, unwind from anxiety, recall a special person or place, re-energize yourself, even indulge in something decadent without the guilt--all thanks to the many amazing benefits of scent technology. Yep, Whispi is all that and more. (It's actually a heck of a little conversation starter, too.) So here's to you and your extraordinarily good scents.

Getting Started with Whispi

Using Whispi is as easy as taking a nice, deep breathe. Before you know it, it'll be second nature.

1. Turn the piston counterclockwise to unlock.

2. To enjoy your scent, point the arrow on the Whispi cap toward your body, and then pump the piston several times within six inches of your nose.

3. Lose yourself for a moment or many.

4. Close and turn clockwise to lock.

Scenting and/or Re-Scenting Whispi

One of the many wonders of Whispi is its ability to absorb and dispense almost any scent imaginable. As long as it can be distilled into a liquid, it can then be dispensed through Whispi. Here's how:

1. Turn the piston counterclockwise to unlock, then open flip-top by lifting underneath the arrow.

2. Remove ScentCell.

3. Add 2-3 drops of your desired scent, liquid or essential oil. Caution: Never add more than three drops, as this could cause the piston and cylinder to bind. (

4. Re-insert ScentCell.

5. Close flip-top.

6. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy... (

The Many Wonders of Whispi

Ever felt tired, nervous, nauseous, hungry or angry--but didnメt have a full set of aromatherapy tools handy?

Yeah, us too.

Fortunately, as scent scientists and experts on everything olfactory, we knew all about the myriad, powerful, effects of scent on the brain.

Which is why we created Whispi--this revolutionary little device that can absorb and deliver virtually any scent(s) you can think of. And in doing so, it also delivers the unique benefits inherent to every unique scent.

Whatever it is, wherever you are, whenever you want it, Whispi works wonders. And its ultra-long-lasting, dry-air technology ensures no spills, stains or residue. Ever. Best of all, only you can smell it. So you can scent away guilt-free, without anyone else even noticing. Nice, huh? (We thought so.) Just wait until you actually experience it...

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