RM Recipe Sheet (10pk)

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INCLUDES: 10 sheets of Recipes

With recipes developed by a Certified Aromatherapist, you can provide safe rollerball blends designed with specific recipes adapted for:

2-6 years at a 0.5% dilution ratio, 6-15 years at a 1.5% dilution ratio and age 15+ at 2% dilution ratio.

Make all 10 Rollerball Recipes including:

  • Singing the Blues - reduces sad and hopeless feelings, helps you relax, calms emotions, soothes away fatigues, relieves discouragement, invigorates
  • Anger Management - promotes peace, relaxation, happiness and calmness
  • Fearless - supports confidence and security and helps with courage while calming and uplifting
  • No Pressure - reduces tension, anxious feelings and nervousness
  • Calm + Focused - helps with focus, staying on task and maintaining calm
  • Guilty Conscience - provides relief during time of unease associated with guilt
  • Anxious Mess - reduces anxious feelings, helps you relax, calms emotions, soothes away tension, relieves restlessness, eliminates irritability
  • Grieve Less - for feelings associated with loss
  • Hormonal Wreck - helps females balance hormones, stabilize emotions, eases worry, sadness, tension, muscle aches, cramps and hopelessness
  • Chillaxin - helps with grounding, clears the mind, relieves tension, irritability, nervousness, eliminates worry, helps with past unsettling experiences and shock

It is recommended to use with the "Rollerball Mentality" Labels

This is part of the "Rollerball Mentality" Make & Take Kit