Thrive Seasonal Subscription Box - Quarterly Billing

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It's Time to THRIVE in Your doTERRA Business! 

Everything you need to effectively teach and share essential oils all year for less than $27/month. FREE SHIPPING on all orders within contiguous USA.

See annual payment option here

If you have ever struggled with feeling...

  • Overwhelmed about how to teach and share essential oils effectively
  • Inconsistent with sharing samples, teaching and supporting customers and business builders
  • Stressed about trying to advance in rank each month, especially when every month feels like it's racing by 
  • Inefficient in buying things you don't need, but not ever seeming to have enough of what you really do need on hand
  • Discouraged about how to help others see the life-changing value of doTERRA's oils and opportunity, especially to get them to come to classes, enroll and stay on qualifying LRP orders

...The Thrive Box is for you!!

We want to help you THRIVE in your doTERRA business! Arming you with all the right tools, training and support to ensure you have everything you need to keep essential oils fun, relevant and super-powered all year round. 

What comes inside the Thrive Box?

Included in every seasonal Thrive Box: 

  • Everything for Sampling:
    • 50 Sample Vials
    • 60 Class Invitations
    • Digital Class Invitation Graphic
    • Seasonal Sampling Ideas
  • Everything for Fun Seasonal Make & Takes:
    • 15 Roller Bottles
    • 15 Spray Bottles
    • 30 Seasonal Make & Take Sticker Sets
    • 2 Make & Take Recipe Tents
  • Everything for Teaching
    • 30 Seasonal Class Handout Trifolds
    • 20 Reference Guides
    • Seasonal Class Outline and Instruction
    • Seasonal Class Powerpoint Slides for Online Classes

SAVE BIG: $130+ total retail value of everything included in each seasonal Thrive Box. 

Receive relevant sampling ideas, make and take recipes and supplies, and teaching materials for every season of the year. Upcoming seasonal themes:

  1. Winter - Everyday Wellness with Essential Oils
  2. Spring - Skin Care with Essential Oils
  3. Summer - Focus & Concentration with Essential Oils
  4. Autumn - Digestive Health with Essential Oils

Now, you can get everything you need for your seasonal essential oil classes sent right to your door in one neat, little package.

"You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want." - Zig Zigler

Not only will your Thrive Box set you up to thrive, but it will also help you support more and more people to thrive with their essential oils, naturally growing your business, rank and residual income as a result. 

How It Works:

Simply pay the subscription fee EACH quarter/season and we’ll send you 1 subscription box per season. Your box will arrive several weeks prior to the season starting so you'll have time to prepare.

In your first Thrive Box you''ll also receive the Intro Package:

  • Thrive Binder - keep all your materials in one handy place
  • Seasonal Tabs - keep everything in your binder organized and ready to refer to and access all year round
  • Sheet Protectors - for loose ends, extra stickers and make & take table tents
  • Thrive Intro Instruction Booklet - complete with our best tips, tricks and strategies to know how to share essential oils effectively and grow your business successfully

Get started today!


  • Q: What’s the difference between the annual and quarterly subscriptions?
    • A: With the annual subscription you only pay once a year vs. the quarterly subscription where you pay quarterly 
  • Q: Do the annual and quarterly subscription boxes have all the same supplies?
    • A: Yes, the only difference is that you are charged annually vs. quarterly 
  • Q: Why are there only supplies for 15 people for the DIY? 
    • A: The idea here is that of the 60 people you sample to, only about 15 will show up to the DIY and/or essential oil class. 

Estimated Quarterly Box Ship Dates:

  • 11/15/2019
  • 2/15/2020
  • 5/15/2020
  • 8/15/2020

**If you purchase your Subscription AFTER the quarterly box ship date, you will receive the next upcoming box on the next ship date. 

Thrive Seasonal Subscription Box - Quarterly Billing
Thrive Seasonal Subscription Box - Quarterly Billing - Oil Life

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