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Permission to Shine 2-Part Audio Course
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Permission to Shine: 10 Keys to Becoming Who You Were Born To Be

Beauty and confidence are your birthright. Like every female, you have a deep need to cultivate your beauty, interact with confidence, live from a peaceful center and feel free to express your self-expression. Stress, fear and self-doubt often creep up to sabotage your efforts to rise to your potential and fulfill your life purpose. Authenticity is born of aligning your inner and outer selves. The more authentic you are, the more "attract-ive" you become - pulling to you people and opportunities that are powerful and prosperous. Permission to Shine may be considered your crash course in "Womanhood 101." This 2-Part Audio Course share inspiring, practical how-to's that guide you through inner/outer alignment and cultivating the art of confidence.

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