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Oils Network - The Opportunity for Freedom & Success
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Oils Network - The Opportunity for Freedom & Success

This CD is an essential recruiting tool. Learn recruiting information from Mark Ewan and Christian Overton.

CD is approximately 45 minutes long.  

Christianメs journey in Direct Sales began around 18 years ago when he was hired on as an account manager for a Direct Selling company in Provo, Utah. He had the opportunity to work with distributors in Southern California and recalled watching how fast some of those, who were just starting out in the company, became 6 figure earners within 1 year or less. He eventually left Corporate and enrolled as a distributor.

In 2006, He joined his second company, marketing Healthy Chocolate products, opened several international Markets and achieved the Top Level of the company within 6 months.

5 years after joining MXI, Christian began looking at several other opportunities. He had established close relationships with top leaders in these companies and immediately had appointments set up with the executive management teams from these companies. When he was finally introduced to the executive team of an oil company, and after discussing the Company, how it was started, the vision of the company, the products, retention, marketing plan, and timing, he knew that this oil business was the company he would build his future in. Christian became a Diamond Executive in his fourth month with the Company and achieved the rank of Blue Diamond Executive within 12 months. Both Christian and Mark are experts in Team Building, Coaching, Internet Marketing, International and Recruiting.

Mark was introduced to the network marketing industry back in the mid 1990's with a company that is now a billion and a half dollar a year. He was introduced to them via a cassette tape where he was able to listen to the operations of the network marketing industry and how it differed from traditional business and how this industry was helping thousands of people create residual incomes. This fascinated him and he chose to become involved. He had the opportunity to travel from his home country of New Zealand to Thailand and then to the Philippines, where he spent two years working alongside top leaders in that company who were earning multiple six-figure incomes each month. From there he went back to New Zealand, started a cafe, and graduated with two 3 year hospitality management Diplomas. He then traveled to the USA, where he met Christian Overton. Christian approached him about a new company in 2007 and within 6 months he was doing it full time. Mark went on to create a multiple six-figure income and opened several International markets with that company. In February of 2010, Mark joined the oil business and became the second fastest person to become a Diamond Executive IPC. Mark is currently a Blue Diamond Executiv.

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