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Nottingham Handbag - Brown/Black
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Are you sick of carrying a massive handbags and tons of different oil carrying cases that are taking up too much space in your purse? We are sure you are dying for a stylish purse that will not only hold your wallet, keys, and personal items but also your essential oils… Well, lucky for you, we’ve got the perfect handbag for you! Ditch the oversized handbag and multiple bags inside one and just get the, Oil Life exclusive, Nottingham Handbag.

This handbag is equipped with with a brown and black, terracotta leather exterior. The flexible exterior makes it easy to throw your daily necessities in and pack your essential oils! On the outside of the handbag, there is an easy-to-reach pocket that comes with 7 elastic holders that hold full size essential oil bottles as well as your favorite 10 mL roller bottles blends. Slide open the main, top zipper and find our custom-designed ‘Bloomin’ Roses’ pattern lined on the interior of the handbag. Will lots of space and storage, you will never need another handbag again!

The Nottingham Handbag is essential for you stylish essential oil enthusiasts. You need a bag that is not just fashionable but practical as well. Nobody wants to carry around a suitcase size handbag everywhere they go… that’s why you need Nottingham Handbag!  Carry all your necessities as well as your essential oils and personal blends in one purse with no hassle.

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