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Medium Essential Oil Carrying Case
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Upgrade your current essential oil carrying case to our brand new, stylish carrying case! Out with the old and in with the new because we have three brand new, custom Oil Life patterns that we are sure you are going to love. Our medium sized carrying case is the perfect case for traveling with your essential oils and keeping them secure in a trustworthy case that is sure to not to disappoint! We know how special and precious your essential oils are, so we want to provide the perfect carrying case that you can rely on.


Our medium essential oil carrying case has 30 secure holdings so you can bring up to 30 essential oils wherever you go. These stylish, new carrying cases can hold your choice or combination of 5 mL essential oil bottles, 15 mL essential oil bottles, and 10 mL roller bottles. Our medium essential oil carrying cases are completely machine washable and have removable inserts so that you can choose how you would like to organize and carry your essential oils or roller bottles.


Use these carrying cases to travel with and share your essential oils with the world!

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