Girl Boss Rollers - Rollerball Blend Kit

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Rollers for the Direct Seller and Network Marketer... and other women entrepreneurs out in this world. Rollerball blends for the Girl Boss.

Girl Boss Rollers comes to you from the creator of Oil My Goodness, Jody Hoffman. Set includes label sheets and recipe cards for 10 people, to make 10 rollerball recipes. Each kit contains a total of 100 stickers. 

Get your pen and pad of paper out. Make a list of all your #GirlBoss friends. They’ll thank you.

Roller Bottle Blend Kit Recipes:

Bossbabe, You Go Girl! - Just the Ego-Boost you need before that big moment! You got this! You go!
Convention-Bound, See You There - Congrats on making the decision to invest in yourself! You’ll love convention! Cheers!
Haters Gonna Hate, How You Like Me Now? - Don’t worry, they’re just jealous of your success! Chin up!
Earn That Trip Girl! - You’re on your way! Enjoy this awesome adventure that you EARNED!
Burnin’ the Midnight Oil - It’s the last night of the month and we know what you’re doing! This will keep you up and going!
No, it’s NOT a Pyramid Scheme - Before you answer that question one more time, roll this on and take a deep breath.
Multi-tasker, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop - You have a million things to do and you can do them all! Roll this on to stay focused.
Makin’ It Rain - Wahoo! Look at you go! Celebrate your success!
Goal Diggers #Goals - Go get it, girl!
Take Care of YOU - Self-Care is important! Take a break with this roller.

Roller Bottle Blend Essential Oil Workshop & Gifting Ideas:

Girl Boss Rollers will make amazing team gifts or incentives when given as kit sets. Empower your downline and new essential oil distributors to become the Girl Boss you know they are! #GirlBoss

Having downline struggling with this pressure of making rank, multi-tasking or the haters - send them specific rollerball blends from this kit for a pick-me-up when goals are tough.

Don’t be afraid to invite 10 of your favorite direct sale besties (especially if their product isn’t essential oils) to a Girl Boss Rollers blend making party!

- 10 Recipe Cards, 10 Sticker Sheets
- Dimensions 4” x 8.75”

Kit Does NOT Include:
- Roller bottles
- Essential Oils: Clove, Orange, Peppermint, Bergamot, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Grounding Blend, Grapefruit, Invigorating Blend, Restful Blend, Vetiver, Joyful Blend, Renewing Blend, Lime, Spearmint, Patchouli, Rosemary

Girl Boss Rollers  - Rollerball Blend Kit - Oil Life
Girl Boss Rollers  - Rollerball Blend Kit - Oil Life
Girl Boss Rollers  - Rollerball Blend Kit - Oil Life
Girl Boss Rollers  - Rollerball Blend Kit - Oil Life
Girl Boss Rollers  - Rollerball Blend Kit - Oil Life

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