First Aid Bag

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Enjoy the many amazing benefits of using essential oils for your first aid needs.

Now, you can use the best of both modern and natural remedies to keep yourself and your loved ones safe using this First Aid Bag. 

Each kit fits 26 essential oil bottles and comes fully loaded with 100+ first aid supplies including bandages, gloves, scissors and more.

Want a travel size version of this kit? Check out our Travel First Aid Bag which stores up to 10 sample vials of your top first aid oils, bandages and Correct-X.


"No more nasty, toxic salves! With a natural first aid kit stocked in both our home and RV, I can rest assured I have all of my natural tried and true remedies right where I need them."  Melanie Clark

Product Details: 

  • Has room for 26 essential oil bottles (best fits 15mL, but can also fit 5mL or 10mL)
  • 30 x Adhesive Bandages
  • 20 x Junior Adhesive Bandages
  • 2 x Elbow & Knee Fabric Bandages
  • 5 x Knuckle Fabric Bandages
  • 5 x Fingertip Fabric Bandages
  • 5 x Large Fabric Bandages
  • 5 x Butterfly Closure Bandages
  • 1 x PBT conforming bandages 8cmx4
  • 1 x PBT conforming bandages 6cmx4
  • 1 x first aid tape 1.25cmx4.5m
  • 2 x gloves
  • 1 x Metal Scissors 11.5cm
  • 1 x Metal Tweezers 8.5cm
  • 10 x Safety pins #2
  • 10 x Cotton tipped applicators
  • 1 x instant cold compress
  • 1 Triangular bandage 96x96x136cm
  • 3 x Gauze pads 3"x 3" | 2pcs per pack
  • 1 x Elastic bandage 10cmx3.6m

**This kit does NOT include the essential oils. 

First Aid Bag
First Aid Bag
First Aid Bag
First Aid Bag
First Aid Bag