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Find Your Next Oil Biz Rock Star in 4 Weeks

Find Your Next Oil Biz Rock Star in 4 Weeks
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Find Your Next Oil Biz Rock Star in 4 Weeks

Enrolling "rock stars" is every business builder's dream, but how to accomplish that can seem out of reach and challenging. That is until you declare yourself to be a rock star and act like one! This 4-week guide, divided into daily topics and assignments, will get you started and create momentum to transform your life and business. This is a powerful program, so don't start until you are ready to fully commit! It's a proven program reserved for rock stars who have a desire to step out of their comfort zone, follow the accountability guidelines, and work hard! Ready to rock and roll? Let's go!

"I did Kelly's program and felt a real shift in mindset and the energy I was putting out into the world regarding my business. I found 3 new builders during the program that all reached out to me as a result of the confidence and positivity they saw me displaying during this period." — Ben Lee, Gold

"In 4 weeks I was equipped with the tools to go out into my community and enroll 6 small business owners! All of whom were strangers to me when I started this program! I love how Kelly breaks things down into actionable steps that you simply need to follow! Brilliant!" —Amy Ouellette, Diamond

Kelly King Anderson loves to inspire others to create their dreams with faith, hard work, and solid mentoring. In addition to her team mentoring, Kelly coached for several years with an award-winning organization for women, Startup Princess; as an Entrepreneur in Residence at BYU-Hawaii; and with the Creating with God Project. Kelly, her husband Matthew, and their 3 children enjoy the flexible lifestyle of residual income and the blessed opportunity of working and serving wherever they choose. Recently, they spent a year in Bali, Indonesia, and then lived at the beach for 6 months in Sayulita, Mexico, where they expanded their business and supported new leaders. They now live in the beautiful mountains of Heber, Utah. Kelly and Matthew are both Presidential Diamonds.

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