Fido Felix Tear Pad

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For our "Essential Oils for Dogs & Cats" Tear Pads, we worked closely with a highly-regarded Veterinarian and Essential Oil user, Janet Roark, DVM.

Use this tear pad of 25 sheets as an informative supplement for your Fido & Felix Make & Take event, as a standalone teaching tool for your pet event or give to those interested in essential oils to showcase their versatility and fun.

  • Dilution Ratios
  • Aromatic, Topical and Internal Usage
  • Essential Oil Safety
  • Information for pets with Medical & Health Precautions
  • Essential Oils to Avoid or use with Caution for Dogs & Cats
  • Coconut Oil Benefits
  • Recipes

Creative Ideas for Using these Tear Sheet Pads:
These can be used as a handout during the "Fido & Felix" Make & Take Workshop setting. This product is ideal for those looking for a natural solution for helping their pets. When meeting someone new interested in oils, give them a tear sheet so they can see the many benefits of making their own natural blends for their animals.