Dryer Ball Gift Set

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Certified Organic Wool Premium Dryer Balls

With just a few drops of essential oil, these organic wool dryer balls will leave your laundry feeling soft and smelling incredible.

  • High Quality: made of 100% certified organic New Zealand wool
  • Durable: Works great with heavy loads of blankets and towels
  • Eco-and people-friendly: No more harsh chemicals from traditional dryer sheets released into the air or left on clothing to irritate skin
  • Fresher laundry: Absorbs and releases moisture evenly to reduce wrinkles and static cling
  • Budget-smart: No more recurring costs for fabric softeners and dryer sheets

How to Use

Add 3-4 drops of essential oils to one of the dryer balls. Toss the balls into the dryer with each load. For best results, reapply 3-4 drops of oil with every load. 

Easy and Simple Gift Giving

The classy gold and white packaging makes gift giving effortless. Simply add one 15ml or 5ml essential oil bottle and you are ready to give the power of essential oils. 

Dryer Ball Gift Set - Oil Life
Dryer Ball Gift Set - Oil Life
Dryer Ball Gift Set - Oil Life