Continuing Education - 4th Edition (Teacher)

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Continuing Education Series Teaching Guide 

With this teaching guide, you will be able to take your education beyond the basics. Each teaching guide has more information on how to direct your class and explain how to use essential oils. Handout a student guide(Sold separately) as you teach your class to help them visually see the direction of the class.

This set of booklets are Teaching Guides.

This Pack Includes the Following Teaching Guides:

    • Class #1 ヨ Essential Oil Foundations
    • Class #2 ヨ Daily Vitality
    • Class #3 ヨ Weight Control
    • Class #4 ヨ Emotional Health and Mood Management
    • Class #5 ヨ Healthy Body and Spa
    • Class #6 ヨ Body Systems
    • Class #7 ヨ Introduction to the AromaTouch Technique
    • Class #8 ヨ Essential Science