Cacao Addict

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Cacao Addict - Oil Life
Cacao Addict - Oil Life
Cacao Addict
Cacao Addict

Contains 50 irresistible cacao-infused delicacies made with food-grade essential oils to create powerhouse snacks loaded with health benefits!

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Did you know cacao (raw chocolate) releases chemicals in the brain, including anandamide, serotonin and dopamine? These are basically "happy chemicals" that help make us feel good.

Now imagine combining cacao, with all its amazing benefits, with food-grade essential oils and superfoods to create powerhouse snacks loaded with health benefits. That's what the Cacao Addict book helps you do! 

Get recipes for simple enjoyment, tips on how to source the best quality ingredients, and methods to enrich and preserve food healing properties.

Cacao Addict contains 50 irresistible cacao-infused delicacies to lace your taste buds with longing, including Chia Cardamom Orange Pudding, Hemp and Almond Ginger Lime Fudge, Medicinal Blueberry Blitz, and Raw Turkish Delight.

A comprehensive index helps you to find the perfect recipe for each occasion or ingredient.

Why We Love It: 

  1. You get over 50 recipes for cacao-infused food. 
  2. The index helps you find just the right recipe for the occasion. 
  3. Lets you explore the world of food and cacao-infused recipes.