Book: The Belief Blueprint

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Book: The Belief Blueprint - Oil Life
Book: The Belief Blueprint - Oil Life

Written by Spencer Pettit

Why does success seem to come easily to some, while eluding so many others? The truth is that all successful individuals are using the same process to create successful outcomes again and again.

In the Belief Blueprint, successful entrepreneur and belief expert, Spencer Pettit, uncovers the brilliantly simple step-by-step blueprint for building personal belief, the most important factor that determines your success.

Spencer empowers you to purposefully build belief in yourself and help others do the same. You will learn how to leverage your most powerful hopes and dreams into unbreakable confidence and results and those results will change your life.

Why We Love It: 

  1. Teaches you the importance of learning from your failures.
  2. Helps you make a plan of action for achieving your goals.
  3. Encourages you to think deeply about what you want and why.