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15 ml Roll-on Bamboo covered Glass Bottle
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15 ml bamboo roller bottles are the perfect organic addition to your rollerball collection. Glass encased in bamboo with steel rollers.

Bamboo is a renewable, sustainable material source that works with your natural lifestyle. These 15 ml essential oil rollers come in packs of 3. Whether you keep them for yourself or give them to your family and friends, your bamboo rollers are sure to be a hit! These beautifully crafted bottles are easy to use, fun to share, and good for the environment.

The glass 15 ml roller bottles are encased by a hard bamboo shell, making them less fragile. Whether you toss them in your purse or send them with your children to school, your essential oil blends will be safe and protected. The durable wood is reliable and ready for any occasion! The stainless steel roller ball inside makes this roller bottle a must see, as steel balls perform better and last longer than the average plastic roller ball.

Our bamboo roller bottles are unique and beautiful, acting as a great conversation starter around fellow oilers or those looking to get involved. These 15 ml rollers are the perfect way to involve others with essential oil and maintain your organic lifestyle.

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