Avocado Oil - 16oz

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Our 100% pure Avocado Oil has TONS of great benefits.

From soothing dry, itchy skin to improving skin elasticity, our Avocado Oil has benefits that everyone can enjoy. 

Benefits of Avocado Oil: 

  • Soothes dry, itchy skin because it absorbs easily and is an excellent moisturizer

  • Enhances scalp health and stimulates growth of hair

  • Hastens the healing of wounds and burns, in addition to relieving and healing diaper rashes

  • Helps protect against the signs of aging

  • Improves skin elasticity

  • Highly nutritious when used for cooking

  • Good source of absorb-able Vitamin E

Made from the highest quality avocados, our Avocado Oil acts as a fantastic carrier/base oil for cosmetic products and is even used extensively in the culinary industry.

Whether you suffer from dry skin or simply love cooking with Avocado Oil, our 100% pure Avocado Oil is just what you need. 

Avocado Oil - 16oz - Oil Life
Avocado Oil - 16oz - Oil Life