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Aroma Pal Bottle Tools 2pk
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We love our essential oils, but, sometimes, they can be a pain to open! That is why every oil enthusiast, expert or novice, needs the Aroma Pal bottle opening tool. These amazing and easy tools were developed to make removing seals and stoppers from essential oil bottles and for the removal of roller ball tops easy. With its adorable, small design available in fun different colors, opening your essential oils up or roller bottles has never been so simple. This bottle tool is easy to travel with and will become your new little “pal” for using essential oils.

Stop using scissors or other sharp objects. No more broken fingernails or frustration! The Aroma Pal Bottle Tool provides secure handling, protects your oils, and prevents any damage to your essential oils or roller bottles. Plus, it can make an adorable keychain! Here at Oil Life, we understand the importance of using the right tools to keep your precious oils from damage, so that’s we want to provide all oil users with the right tools that are easy to use. Get your hands on this perfect and lightweight removal tool today!

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