Book: Aroma Heal 2

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Aroma Heal 2

Essential Tools for your own Inner Healing
Have you been searching for more permanent healing at a deeper level and at a more accelerated pace? Are you seeking to find inner peace and happiness?  If there were tools available that could help you to overcome life’s difficulties and live a happier, more fulfilled life, would you want them?
In "Aroma Heal II", Christi Turley Diamond B.S., M.Ed. from, and Karisa Tomkinson B.S., M.S. bring to you the tools you need for true healing. In this second book in their Aroma Heal series, they continue to shed light on the healing properties of essential oils and the science behind them.  They explain why oils work well emotionally in creating an environment of healing within the body, as well as how to use them effectively to receive remarkable results. They show how essential oils become much more powerful when they are combined with simple & powerful energy healing techniques, and how the two marry each other perfectly for a higher level of healing.  The results have been amazing & pivotal for many as they have used these powerful tools for their own healing.

The tools introduced in this book are user friendly and simple enough that even a beginner can understand and apply them with remarkable results. Many have benefited from the four simple, step-by-step techniques introduced in the first book, "Aroma Heal," and with "Aroma Heal II", we have added five more tools to include in your healing toolbox. These tools delve deeper and explore further the principles of energy healing and the healing properties of essential oils to help bring about greater inner healing for you and those you love. These tools focus on you, teaching you how to release and let go, so you can create inner peace and happiness and embrace the life you have always dreamed of.
You have the power within you to heal and increase your light. This book is a perfect tool to help get you there.