6 Weeks to a New Rank

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Written by Kelly King Anderson
Advance to the next rank in your essential oil business in just 6 weeks. This guide provides a strong framework to help you to set and meet goals that take your business to the next level. Kelly's positive encouragement to stay focused and experience "joy in the journey" is her gift to you.
The program is excellent for anyone seeking to advance, whether just beginning or experienced. We can all create what we want; we just have to commit and "laser focus." Get the most out of this guide by pairing it with Kelly's book, Find Your Next Oil Biz Rock Star.

Why We Love It:

  1. Supplements the Find Your Next Oil Biz Rock Star to help foster your success even further.
  2. Provides weekly checklists for personal, family and work-related tasks.
  3. Gives you space to journal and write down your daily goals + achievements. 
6 Weeks to a New Rank - Oil Life
6 Weeks to a New Rank - Oil Life
6 Weeks to a New Rank - Oil Life