10ml Rainbow Roller Bottles w/Glass Rollers - 5pk

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Roller bottles are one of the easiest ways to pre-dilute and apply essential oils. These 10mL Roller Bottles are durable and reliable for using with essential oils and taking your non-toxic DIY to a whole new, luxurious level.

  • High-quality frosted glass 10mL bottles with a chip-resistant coating (NOT PAINTED) in the following colors:
    • Red Frosted Glass
    • Purple Frosted Glass
    • Blue Frosted Glass
    • Aqua Frosted Glass
    • Green Frosted Glass
    • Yellow Frosted Glass
    • Orange Frosted Glass 
  • Brushed metallic caps that are designed to fit flush and proportionally to the 10mL bottle. The tops of these caps are flat, making them perfect for round oil label stickers. Caps are available in the following varieties:
    • Red Brushed Metallic
    • Purple Brushed Metallic
    • Blue Brushed Metallic
    • Aqua Brushed Metallic
    • Green Brushed Metallic
    • Yellow Brushed Metallic
    • Orange Brushed Metallic