Water Bottles

There's more to living a healthy lifestyle than just adding essential oils to your life. In fact, that's just a start to it, but here we'll be able to help you transform every aspect of your life into a healthier version. We've all heard it by now, hydration is key, but for so many of us, that's really not something that we make a priority, despite mostly being made up of water. However, with our water bottles, you'll find it easier than ever to stick to your hydration goals.

Our doTERRA water bottles serve multiple purposes. The first can be personal, you don't want to use single-use plastic bottles, and we applaud that. Using a reusable water bottle is better for the planet and better for you. Certain plastics contain BPA which can be toxic to humans, which is why we offer several stainless steel, glass, and even bamboo options for tea infusing. We also offer stainless steel straw sets, so you can rest assured you're helping the environment by eliminating your use of plastic straws. Not only can these water bottles be used for personal use, but they make wonderful host or hostess gifts or even options for different gifts for games during parties or classes. There's nothing better than giving someone a reminder of the fun they had, as well as the brand that they are falling in love with, and with our branded doTERRA water bottles, it's easier than ever to do just that. With so many options to choose from, we suggest stocking up on a few of each and taking them with you everywhere you go. You should never turn down a chance to get marketing exposure, and a branded water bottle is a great way to get the word out around your friends and family, even those who haven't ordered from you yet.

Here at OIL LIFE, we want to help you create the business and lifestyle of your dreams. You know how great essential oils are, and the impact they have on lives, you just need to get the word out. Do that with ease with our selection of products.

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