Virtual Books

What is a Virtual Book?

Our virtual books are a unique way of learning because they are not an e-book, there are no files to download, and you don’t need a special app. They are interactive, multimedia, searchable virtual books that you can access through our online Wellness Nook platform. You can use them on any device, anywhere in the world.

How to Gain Access to Our Virtual Books:

All our virtual books are accessed through our Wellness Nook virtual library.

You will gain access to our Wellness Nook platform when you...

Option 1: Order your virtual book(s) from Then, we will send you follow-up emails with everything you need to know to login and access your virtual books. 

Option 2: Sign up for the Wellness Nook All-Access Pass. Choose from a monthly subscription for $4.99 per month or an annual subscription for $49.90 per year (plus 2 months free!).

Our Wellness Nook All-Access Pass grants you access to all our virtual books inside the Wellness Nook library!

Learn more about the Wellness Nook All-Access Pass here

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