Raw Ingredients

When it comes to raw ingredients, you need high-quality solutions you can count on. Our selection offers a range of naturally soothing solutions perfect for your next creation. These raw ingredients come in two forms of either liquid or solid to help accommodate a range of recipes. These natural healers are used to make everything from skin balms and salves to diluted blends and perfumes.

We offer all the top choices for raw ingredients commonly used in recipes so you can make your next concoction with ease. When looking for staples that are always great to have on hand, consider options such as beeswax, coconut oil, citric acid, and more. These items are the perfect base or secondary ingredient for a range of recipes. We also have staples such as castor oil and canola oil which are staples for their moisturizing abilities making them ideal for balms and lotions. All of the products we feature in this collection are high quality so you can feel good about the outcome for each recipe.

When looking to get a guided jump start on using raw ingredients, you will also find a selection of DIY guided kits. These kits cover topics and concerns such as decongestant skin salves, natural deodorant, and hand soap kits. These kits come with lots of goodies and a guide to help get you started on a new project or skill. You only need to supply your favorite essential oils from your collection to get started with these easy to use kits. These kits make for a great night in with your friends as you learn something new together!

Whether you are looking for extra pumps or an essential ingredient for your favorite recipe, find it all right here at an affordable price. We are always happy to assist you with any questions while shopping so please feel free to reach out to our staff. Order today and experiment with a new recipe.

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