Castor Oil

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Our Castor Oil is 100% pure! Castor Oil can be the perfect healing oil and can be used in a variety of different ways. It is produced from the bean from the Ricinus plant also known as the Castor-Oil plant. Castor Oil is a triglyceride which makes it rich with nutrients and helps build energy. This oil can enhance skin moisture and help with many other skin issues. Castor Oil is a great choice of carrier oil - paired with your favorite healing essential oil. Castor Oil is an anti-inflammatory and even speeds up the healing process. So very beneficial for health - it can be used for weight loss. There are a variety of uses and benefits that come from using this oil.

Some uses of Castor oil include:

  1. Skin: moisturizer, lotions, body balm, cosmetics, lip balms, heals wounds and infections, massages, increased circulation
  2. Hair: shampoo, conditioner, promotes hair growth
  3. Internal uses: can stop constipation, stomach issues
  4. Weightloss
  5. Reduces Stretch Marks
  6. Reduces acne and skin infections
  7. Can prevent wrinkles
  8. Reduces joint and muscle pain
  9. Can prevent overall pain

- 16 Fl Oz