Bees Wax

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The use of beeswax may be as old as history itself.  Uses range from the earliest known example of therapeutic dentistry, dating back over 6,000 years ago, to modern uses which include fine candle-making, skin care, and providing a protective coating for fine cheeses. Research even suggests that for cosmetic and medicinal uses, beeswax may be superior to petroleum-based products.

Our all natural yellow beeswax pearls are 100% pure and filtered to be free of debris.  They are great for their ease of use, but still maintain the characteristic aroma and color that beeswax is known for.  You will find them much easier to work with than traditional blocks. This version is very popular in candles. 

Here are some uses of Beeswax to consider:

  1. Use as a lip balm
  2. Lock in your skin's natural moisture with beeswax
  3. Make your own natural candles
  4. Helps with itch & pain relief by being made into salves and hard lotion bars
  5. Unstick a wooden drawer!

 *Jar contains 0.49lbs of Beeswax